Monday, August 9, 2010

Choosing Your Hotel Room Reservation Software

If your hotel is more than a handful of rooms, you will most likely have noticed the shortcomings of the traditional approach of pencil and make reservations. Of course, you can work, but is a pain in the neck to remove all existing information and enter the new reservation when someone changes their mind.

And here is where the well-designed software booking hotel rooms makes sense. Change reservation data and many other regular tasks are easy to make and is one of the few members of staff today, which is at least partially computer.

So what should you consider when choosing software for your hotel reservation?

1. Verify that work with your computer.

This suggests that it is a truism, but if the PC you are using is too old, too new, or sometimes can mean the difference between the software and what does not work. If the computer is too old, is a good chance that you might consider sending it to their children or granchildren. If it is too new, just to verify that there has been no change in the operating system that affects the program.

2. Make sure it is easy to use.

You do not want to spend too much time to get used to how the software works. Modern software must be intuitive to use and should be able to do more tasks without using the help file, but obviously must have help available when you need it especially for tasks that do not usually like the prices of clothing or the addition of promotions.

3. Verify that you can define user levels

While you can rely on their reserves receptionists to deal with day day room you may not want to be able to change the room rates or tax rates. And you probably do not want them to have access to confidential information such as occupancy rates, profitability, and so on. The best software on the market allow you to set levels for each user of the program that do not stray outside their level of responsibility.

4. Verify that produces invoices

One of the joys of using a computer is to be able to perform common tasks such as printing an invoice. There should be flexibility in what to include and exclude from the printed invoice, plant characteristics, etc. should also be a preview function so that if one is informed of the amount of your bill will be at your desk personnel can be seen in the screen instead of wasting time and paper printing the invoice.

5. This support should be at hand

Although modern software often need support, it is comforting to have telephone and email support so if one of his employees managed to do something wrong, you can get the problem quickly and easily.

6. Cost

With specialized software, such as hotel booking software, it is possible that the costs of support and upgrade costs. Make sure you know what is and is not included in the price you pay when you buy a program.

7. Free Sample

Everyone from Microsoft is offering free drop tests in the software - most likely you have had trial of Microsoft Office on your computer last purchase. A trial version to check if the program suits your needs without a salesman breathing down your neck. The trial is expected to be fully functional and all the data you enter during the trial should always be available when you buy the software.